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About CATIA training in coimbatore

CATIA recognised multiplatform programme includes three-dimensional, computer-assisted manufacturing (CAM), computer assisted design (CAD) and product life cycle management (PLM) machinery, as well as 3D modelling (CATIA), the most advanced system technology. The software is being developed by the French firm Dassault Systèmes. CATIA, the client of CADAM, started developing Dassault's Mirage Fighter Jet as stand-only development during 1977 when AVIONS MARCEL DASSAULT, the French aircraft manufacturer. The aeronautics, vehicle, marine and other industries of CATIA were subsequently taken over.In 1981 Dassault Systèmes founded a company which manufactured and sold a non-exclusive distribution agreement with IBM and signed it. CATIA was originally known as CATI in French, it was renamed. Originally, CATIA was named in French as CATIA. Boeing chose CATIA V2 as its 3D CAD platform in 1984, its largest client. In 1988 it was carried from mainframe computers to the UNIX platform. General Dynamics Electrical Boat Corp decided in 1990 to develop the USA with CATIA as the main form of 3D CAD. Navy Virginia submarine class. Lockheed has also been advertising its CADAM system on IBM's channel worldwide since 1978. In 1992 CADAM was purchased and CATIA CADAM Version 4 was purchased by IBM.

 CATIA stands for Three Dimensional Immersive Framework for Machine Assisted. It is a multi-platform CAD/CAM software suite written in the language of programming C++. It is widely used software for CAD/CAM and is known to be the most effective and reliable software based on expertise.

Role in industry CATIA training in coimbatore

Catia plays an important part in the car industry. Catia is used by most companies such as Ashok Leyland, Mahindra and Renault. The car modelling unit uses the largest portion of catia, and so on. Design engineering is a matter of integration. It is also the first "3D Experience" update. For processing, e.g. when the plastic component is designed, die is then created such that the designed part is done either by the production facility or by suppliers.

Have you heard of 'Delmia,' where the plant most often uses to produce a series of production lines, a catia part of dieault systems.Daimler mostly uses images and tesla, for example, uses catia, BMW. Indeed, all of them can be studied from niche or job activities more easily.

CATIA's applications vary from fields such as engineering, automobile, construction, consumer goods, shipbuilding, communications, medicine, and manufacturing.

Since CATIA is software for PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) containing all tools such as:

CAD, CAM, CAE. Thus, CATIA teaching implementations are used in all sectors and businesses.

Every car industry has its own software, its own advantages and drawbacks, and cad modeling, like Creo,catia and solid works. The main role of all automotive industries is to transform/develop the idea of engineers into an innovative, real-time product using digital design software like catia. We can classify all automotive industry into two sections, the R&D and the manufacturing devices, and an Integrated Research and Development Unit. The R&D unit develop the product in a digital form and send it to manufacturing plants or to suppliers for product analysis (static and dynamic), etc., in order to produce and implement the product in real time.

History of CATIA 

It was Francis Bernard's creative thinking and years of hard work that contributed to the birth of CATIA. The quantum leap in revenue was made by CATIA as IBM became its distributor. The CATIA Production Brief time-line is as follows:


1984: When it chooses CATIA as its key 3D platform, Boeing became CATIA's biggest client.

1990: General Dynamics Electric Boat Corp. selected CATIS as one of the key resources to build the U.S. navy's Virginia class submarine.


1998: Implementation of a newer version of V5 that supports UNIX, Windows NT and Windows XP.


2008: Dassault introduced CATIA V6, and customer service was withdrawn.


2011: Dassault has launched the newest V6 R2012 update.

Proficiency After CATIA Training in Coimbatore

Proficient in the sketcher workbench to draw sketches that inherit specifications and regulations.

Expertise in advanced modeling tools such as fillet, chamfer, sweep,

Editing designs along with integrating the features complete a solid model.

Expertise in surface modeling to generate new, advanced and attractive components.

Sheet metal design to understand various operations on sheet metal, applications and process parameters


The industry's numbers clearly reflect the employment openings and demands of the industry. It has been noted that:


  • As almost 80% of aircraft firms use CATIA to build aircraft, CATIA is used as the global standard for aircraft design.

  • The use of CATIA in the design of innovative car components is used by 60 percent of automotive companies.

  • CATIA is used by about 60-70 percent of the helicopter/civilian/commercial aircraft firms.

  • It is used by artists, architects, manufacturing companies and industrial engineers, so there are tremendous work prospects.

  • All these facts suggest that there will be a more secure and satisfying career for students who join CATIA Training online.

Catia Training in Coimbatore syllabus:


Interface with Catia Customer


Sketches Build


Features Sketched


Simple Functionalities (Part Design)


Features for Dress-Up (Part Design)


Duplicating Features (Part Design)


Features for Editing (Part Design)


Additional Features (Part Design)


Components Assembling


Components of Placement


Assembly Editing Sections


The Assembly Exploding

Drafting, Product Modeling

Drafting Generative & Collaborative


Wireframe & Construction of Surfaces


Metal Design Sheet


Generative Template for Shape


DMU & Modeling Kinematics


Generic Animation DMU


Analyzing DMU Domain


Define Containment


Additional Features


Resources of Research, Image


Hands On, Hands On (Practice for Analysis)


Rendering for Real Time


Studio Photo


Pisces Education offers Catia V5 courses specifically to have the specific abilities required to get a job as a 3D Mechanical Artist. Students can study how 3D mechanical CAD models can be drawn and constructed. Pisces Education is one of the best Advance Syllabus courses offered by the Catia V5. We concentrate primarily on functional courses. Compared to other 3D CAD applications, this Catia software is very significant and is in massive demand these days.

Many car firms, including BMW, Porsche, Daimler AG, Chrysler, Honda, Audi, Volkswagen, Bentley Motors Limited, Volvo, Fiat, Benteler AG, PSA Peugeot Citron, Renault, Toyota, Ford, Scania, Hyundai, Koda Auto, Tesla Motors, Valmet Automotive, use CATIA to differing degrees.

CATIA Training in Coimbatore


CATIA software training for coimbatore is also referred to as 3D Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and covers conceptualization, engineering, design and distribution (CAD, CAM & CAE). CATIA helps collaborative architecture in all areas of 3D EXPERIENCE platforms, including surface modeling & shape construction, the design of electrical, fluid, and electronic structures. Catia Preparation helps minimize the creation and conception, including production and production reports, of mechanical, electric and distributed devices such as fluid, plant architecture and HVAC systems.

Mechanical engineering

CATIA Training Institute for Mechanical Engineering in coimbatore helps to create 3D components from 2D designs, panels, composites and molded, forged or tooling components to mechanical/maschine assemblies. The platform offers sophisticated mechanical surface and BIW modeling tools and technologies. This includes tools for the specification of the commodity including physical tolerances as well as the definition of cinema and simulation. For both traditional tooling and mold & dying CATIA offers a good variety of applications for tool design. With respect to aerospace engineering, the consumer may incorporate the capabilities of generative sheet design and generative surfaces in a further module called aerospace sheet design.


CATIA Training design in coimbatore offers a solution for the design, workflow for surface modeling, styling and ideas & simulation of complex creative shapes to be created, edited, changed and validated from industrial design to class A/B surface design by IMEM Surface Technology and methods. CATIA Teaching Institute facilitates various stages of product creation, be it starting with scratches or 2D (blueprints) sketches, as well as drawings and descriptions.CATIA offers a system engineering solution framework for training in coimbatore Systems Engineering in CATIA, which offers a special and extensible system engineering production platform that includes entirely cross-division modeling, simulation, verification and support for business processes required for constructing complex cyber-physical goods. In both CETIA Dynamic Behaviour Modeling and Dymola systems, the CATIA operates on an open Modelica language to promptly and effectively model and simulate the sport of complex systems spanning many fields of engineering.The usability of multiple industries and domain-specific Modelica databases enables users to shape and simulate a wide variety of diverse arrangements – from vehicle automotive dynamics to aircraft dynamics – is also being promoted by CATIA & Dymola.

Fluid systems

CATIA V5 training center in coimbatore provides a solution for the design and development of routed systems, including tube, heating, fan & air conditioning (HVAC). This method provides criteria capture, 2D graphs for hydraulic, pneumatic, HVAC and tubing/instrumentation maps (P&ID). The most powerful features in this field are to allow these 2D diagrams to drive interactive 3D routing and device components to provide detail, including reports, on the digital mockup of the full product or process facility.Coimbatore CATIA Industries provides a wide variety of industries and businesses, including automotive and heavy machinery, aviation and defense, high-tech, shipbuilding, consumer products, plant design, consumer goods packed, life sciences, architecture and development, process plants and petroleum, as well as utilities. The dominant platforms on the market for the above industries are CATIA V4, CATIA V5 and Pro/ENGINEER, NX and Dassault Systèmes' own SolidWorks platform.


The Boeing group has built its 777 airlines with CATIA V3 training in Coimbatore and CATIA V5 for the 787 aircraft series. They employed the full range of 3D PLM products of CATIA, DELMIA and ENOVIA LCA from Dassault Systèmes, which were complemented by the Boeing applications. CATIA V5 has been used in the manufacture of Indian Light Battle. The first CATIA V5, produced by Chinese Xian JH-7A, took place on 26 September 2000 when design was completed. CATIA is also used by European Aerospace Airbus. Bombardier Aerospace Canadian aircraft manufacturer has finished all of the CATIA V5 aircraft construction. CATIA is introduced by BAE Systems.CATIA V4 and V5 are used by the Brazilian aircraft company Embraer to build all aircraft and their parts. For product growth, FNSS uses CATIA V5 and V6. CATIA V4 and V5 are used by Vought Aircraft Industries to make the parts. CATIA V4 and V5 are planned in their entirety by the anglo-italian helicopter company Agusta Westland. CATIA's entire line of aeronautical components, protection and protection products are used by all subsidiaries of a French Safran group. Typical for the Eurofighter was CATIA V4 and V5.

CATIA also uses Sikorsky Aircraft Corp., the largest provider of helicopters to the U.S. military. CATIA electric module is used by P3 Voith. All the components have been built using CATIA V4, V5 and V6, created by Bell Helicopter, which produces the Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey. Of note, CATIA is still used by Dassault Aviation vertically and CATIA V6 is currently being used.


Many automobile firms use CATIA in different degrees including: Volvo, Fiat, Benteler, Renault, Toyota, Ford, Scania, Sima, Rolls-Royce Motors and Proton and Tata Motors; CATIA is a company which is responsible for the manufacture of a multiple car, including BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, Volkswagen and SEAT and Škoda. Goodyear does this to manufacture vehicle and aircraft pneumatics and also uses custom-designed CATIA kits.CATIA has been used by numerous automotive firms on the market, owing to CATIA surface machine representation capabilities, for car structures: doors and panels, IP-supports, bumper beams, roof tracks, side railings, body parts. Bombardier Transportation, a Canadian-based corporation, uses packages from this platform to build the whole range of train engines and coaches. In building its roof and panel, Webasto uses CATIA.


Dassault Systèmes has started servicing CATIA V5 release 8 shipbuilders with special features to encourage shipbuilding growth. GD Electric Boat is also using CATIA to build the new fast-assault submarine class for the Virginia class United States Navy. CATIA has also been used for the construction and evaluation of Gerald R. Ford super-transporters for the US Navy by Newport News Shipbuilding. In 2004, Beneteau Group adopted CATIA for the construction and manufacture of new motorboats for sailing and recreation.

Industrial equipment

In the industrial machinery sector, the CATIA Training Institute in Coimbatore has a clear value of life. Industrial manufacturing companies such as Metso and Schuler are using a CATIA concept kit as are Claas, various industrial machinery manufacturing companies, such as Alstom Power and the ABB Company. For its product growth, Michelin still uses CATIA.
High technology Multiple leading companies are developing their products using CATIA. Nikon, Nokia and Pegatron are available for example. Energy, systems, facilities and resources.Suzlon makes turbine blades using CATIA. For wind turbines and other sheet metal parts Gamesa uses CATIA. Market and service items bundled (CPG)

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